About Company
CEO Greeting-
FY 2018
  • Selected as one of star companies in Jeju by the Ministry of Small and Medium Business and the Jeju local government
  • Selected as a company for the high-tech small business development project by JDC
  • Appointed and designated as a “Alternative Military Duty” company for professional researchers in the first half of 2018
  • Declared the first year for BAS (Big data + AI + Simulation) solution-based system integration specialty company
FY 2017
  • Additional paid-in capital increase (total 5 million USD)
  • CEO Yang Young-Jin received a Certificate of Appreciation from Army Information and Communication School
  • Patent registration of “Traffic simulation framework and simulation method”
  • Designated as a Human resource development excellence SME
  • Patent registration of “Video search system & method” / EinsSim ++ SW program registration
FY 2016
  • CEO Yang Young-jin awarded for the contribution to SW development by the Minister of the Future Creation & Science Ministry
  • Selected as an enterprise solution partner of Samsung Electronics Co., Ltd. (Network sector)
  • Start to develop Decision Support Solution, combining M & S + Big Data Technology (In collaboration with KAIST SMS Lab.)
  • Selected as a gold partner of Samsung SDS Co., Ltd (in BI/DW/Consulting/Development sector)
  • Participated in Joint Research on the development of 3D synthetic battlefield visualization technology based on the image of high altitude heterogeneous real image (hosted by ETRI)
FY 2015
  • Registered an App program named Ji-Story (SW to recommend Jeju touring sites)
  • Signed a partnership agreement with Dell, Cisco, and Milestone
  • Signed an agreement of Industry-University Cooperation and Family Company with Jeju International Univ.
  • Joined Korea 3D printing industry association and found Jeju branch (branch director)
FY 2014
  • Registered a program named Citrus Yield Prediction using Big Data
  • Introduced EC+(eINS Communication Plus) solution to a Defense seminar and registered 4 related programs
  • Signed an agreement of Family Company with Bucheon Univ.
FY 2013
  • Registered a program named Smart Worker
  • Appointed as a Key Partner of FY13 by Oracle
  • Completed construction of Jeju headquarters office building and moved to Jeju, and joined as a member of Jeju Science Park tenants company association
FY 2012
  • Appointed as chairman of consulting division of Korea Data Industry Council
  • Signed an Premium Partner agreement for Aerohive(Wireless LAN) with Lotte Information & Communication Company
  • Patent registration of “Tunnel Facilities Monitoring System using railroad vehicles
FY 2011
  • Moved Headquarters to Jeju Science Park
  • Selected as an excellent company for job creation in Seoul local government
FY 2010
  • Registered a “Information & Communication installation license” (Korea Information & Communication Installation Association)
  • Joined Data Quality Management and Data Governance Forum of Korea Database Council
  • Signed a partnership agreement with 3M
FY 2009
  • ORACLE Partner of the Year FY09(Applications Award Best New Comer Award)
FY 2008
  • Designated as a special partner for ORACLE MDM(Master Data Management)
  • Signed a contract for the project to build P3C Sil(System Integration Lab) (USA L3 COM/IS)
FY 2007
  • Designated as a venture company and as INNO-BIZ, acquired ISO 9001 certification
FY 2006
  • Certified as a “Management Innovation” SME company
  • Signed a contract as a exclusive distributor for “Server security solution (Secuve TOS), and Registerd RFID middleware Program(eINS U-Builder)
FY 2005
  • Founded a corporate R&D Center
  • Registered a SCM program(eINS SCM), and raise the paid-in capital (180,000 USD)
FY 2004
  • Registered CMS & EKP programs (eINS CMS, eINS EKP)
  • Changed a company name to eINS S&C Co., Ltd., transferred to a new business site, and designated as a SME informationization specialty company.(TIMPS, Total Information Management Providers)
FY 2003
  • Registered a portal program(iBrenic Portal), and executed TIMPS(Total Information Management Providers) project of the year 2004
  • Registered a CRM program(iBrenic CRM), and executed SME industy-specific standard process modeling development
  • Incorporated iBrenic Co., Ltd