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As the boundaries between industries are broken down and new industries are emerging through the fusion of industries, eINS S&C is providing related technology R&D and ICT convergence services, in order to create integrated high value through process improvement, new process development and knowledge industrialization based on advanced ICT
Key reference
Project Name Implementation description
Development of 3D synthetic battlefield visualization technology based on the image of high altitude heterogeneous real image Joint R&D in process with ETRI
Decision support solution development with M & S and Big Data Technology convergence Joint R&D with KAIST (traffic, disaster response) in the works
Development of LOD-based big data analysis tool Development of big data analysis tool for predicting demand for Jeju tourist sites
Development of travel route recommendation system Development of travel route recommendation system for tourists in Jeju
Citrus yield prediction system using ICT Development of prediction System for Citrus Yield
Development of tunnel facilities monitoring system Seoul subway line 5,6,7,8 tunnel facilities inspection(monitoring) system with Seoul Metropolitan railway corporation