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In order to provide the price performance ratio-good yet optimal solution and the efficient system integration services required by customers, eINS S&C have partnered with major solution specialty companies, and secured in-house developed solutions, and is providing various solutions and services such as technical support, training, operation and maintenance
Realm Solution Provided Services
IoT Camera With Milestone VMS, integration of network-based cameras’ control, monitoring and storage
Broadcasting With OneCast solution, integration of network-based audio / video / on-site self-broadcasting
Wired / wireless
communication device
Network-based wired / wireless communication integration via Kwang-in’s information communication solution
Situation display Nuricon's IP-Wall solution can integrates various network-based display functions
Access control Integration of network-based intrusion detection, video surveillance, access control function using access control system
Tunnel facilities checkup Implementation of system to automate inspection of facilities in subway tunnel by manpower
Infra Server Dell, IBM, HP, Huawei, Tae-jin Infotec’s server provision and service
Network Cisco/Huawei/Nokia Network solution-based network installation and service
Aerohive Wireless solution-based wireless network installation and service
Huawei LTM-M, LTE-R solution supply
Riverbed solution-based network optimization solution provision
Data MDM Informatica/Oracle MDM solution-based MDM implementation and service
Big Data Using EinsLoD, Data opening and Big Data analysis service
Software Process management Via Aris-based SmartWork, Process Governance Portal building and service
Documentation / Sharing /
Via ThinkWise environment building and service that can efficiently record / share / collaborate
Development kit (tool) Software development using data model based development tool via EC +
Security Information system security Sever/PC/Network/Data/Application security, security control/vulnerability analysis solution provision
Facility security Supply, installation and maintenance such as access control, CCTV, security door, etc.